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Welcome to Bear Mountain DayZ
Multiple thriving PvE DayZ servers.
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Can you kill
The Papa Bear?
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Frequent Events & More
Hosted Weekly!
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Looking for a DayZ community to join?

Bear Mountain DayZ has multiple high-pop PvE servers with a kickass community, merged together to bring you the best action thrilled Dayz Experiences. With plenty of custom mods, areas and events there's no surprise why we're one of the most popular PvE servers in 2021 and going forward into 2022.
Want to Join our community and start your DayZ experience on our servers?
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Community Events & much more

Our staff take fun and pride in organizing community events on a weekly basis, combined with plenty of dramas unfolding each passing moment, we're able to see captured pictures and videos to give you a glimpse into our servers.
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Latest Events & News

Want to know what's going on in Bear Mountain DayZ? Make sure to come read our very own blog for all the latest gossip!
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