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• Bearbaa's surprise is here! We would like to introduce you to Grizzly, aka Papa Bear. You are gonna need something powerful enough to kill an "Elephant". • GearSets have also been updated in BM_PVE See below:

- ZombieSlayer

- Engineer

- KleenesBiest

- SosChino

- Angie

- Morticus

- WildBill


- DreamsAwake

- Harrydresden

- Ravenclaw

- Dcirusc

- Durbin

- Wanderlustking

• Fixed the ability to fix the PartyOn glasses if you combine them with Pliers or Screwdriver.

• Old vehicles have now been removed from the server. They have been replaced with the new vehicles in the following mods "CarsForAll" & "Armored Vehicle Pack". Please make sure you are subscribed to these before trying to join the server. Links for both mods are below to help find them if you have any issues.



• Overrides added to make sure all cars have corrected parts. Please make a bug report ticket if you find any issues with the vehicles not having correct parts. You can do this in the "Create-a-ticket" channel by clicking "Report a Server Bug".



• The BeaRSASS soundset volume has been reduced.


The BearTac colors; Blue, Red, Pink, Tan, Black and Green. Here’s how they will work:

  • When building the BearTac .408 you are only able to build the Blank version of it.
  • Spray Cans have been added to the server for you to find. Make sure when spraying the Weapon, that you have removed all the attachments, or they will be lost.
  • You can no longer dismantle the weapon unless you have found the Alcohol spray that has been specially cooked up by the admins. This is the only thing that can remove the paint from the weapon.
  • When you have done this the weapon will then be at its blank state and you will be able to dismantle it if you so choose to. Please remove the attachments before using this spray or you will lose the attachments.
  • The drum mag has been removed from the BearTac so you will have to use a smaller mag for the BearTac. The new highest round mag is 60 rounds.


No updates to report.

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