Our Rules

Make sure you read and understand our rules before joining otherwise you may find yourself in trouble!
Server Rules
Base Building
Discord Rules
Real Estate
Custom Gear


This is a PVE only server. Intentional killing of another player may result in a permanent ban.
discord nicknames must match your in-game name.
No theft. This includes but is not limited to, vehicles, items stored in vehicles, bases or tombstones. Any violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban.
No glitching, exploiting game bugs, duping, hacking or stream sniping. 3 day ban for 1st offence, permanent ban if caught a second time.
No loot cycling, this is defined as removing low value or unwanted items from their spawn and discarding them in a container or on the ground in an attempt to force new loot to spawn. 3 day ban for the first offence, permanent if caught a second time.
No garden plots are to be placed in the vicinity of a trader.
Traders and safezones are for loading & unloading only and not to be used as a car park. Any vehicles left unattended at a trader may be deleted without warning or compensation.
Compensation for lost, ruined or de-spawned items is at the discretion of the admin, and they reserve the right to refuse.
cars and Heli's do not spawn on these servers, if you did not buy it, leave it alone.
English only when using game chat.
All cars & Heli's not stored in the garage must be covered when not in use. Any uncovered and unattended vehicle or Heli may be deleted without notice or compensation.
Removing covers from a vehicle that does not belong to you may result in a 3 day ban. Permanent bans will be issued for excessive violations of this rule.
No Nesting, this will earn you a 3 day ban for a 1st offence, permanent if caught a 2nd time. No toxic chat or behaviour. This will not be tolerated and could result in a immediate ban depending on your actions.
No religious or political discussions are allowed in public text or voice chat.


No logging out at the key card rooms.

No looting the vault if it was opened by another player/group. If you did not open it, stay away.


Heli's cannot be used to fly or air drop players to the temple; it is blocked with an invisible grid.

Heli's lost trying to fly to temple will not be replaced.

Temple can be dangerous, be prepared. Enter at your own risk.

No logging out inside the temple.


Only 1 group may enter at a time.

you have 1 hour to loot the vault and leave.

No running into the vault if it was opened by another player/group. If you did not open it, stay away.

No logging out inside the vault.


NO building inside static structures or blocking off static structures.

No building within 500m of traders or military bases.

helis are fly at your own risk. Lost helis and items stored in them will not be compensated.


• Luring Papa outside the bounds of the map or to the edge of the map boundary is not permitted and may result in a ban.

• killing papa bear from a heli is not permitted. Any helis lost or ruined by doing so, will not be replaced.

• You must call out a claim to papa bear when killing him, first person to claim the spawn has the rights to the kill. You cannot claim from a distance. You must be in shooting range to claim it.

Base Building Rules

You must have a flag to build a base. Max of 4 players per base.
Your flag will descend over 7 days, once at the bottom, your base will begin to de-spawn over the next 48 hours.
Only one building is to be used for your base this includes mansions, CabinZ, BBP & static structures.
No building in any underground areas. Your base will be locked.
No bases within 750m of traders or military bases
Camo nets and car covers are not to be used on watchtowers, tents or fences. Doing so impacts server performance.
Perimeter fences can be no more than 3 walls in depth or width from your base.
Do not build on or in roadways, hospitals, fire stations & police stations.
BBP bases must be no more than 6 foundations in size and a maximum of 2 floors + a roof.
Only 2 watchtowers are permitted and cannot be stacked.
Maximum of 2 tents. None are permitted for mansions.
Only 2 of the following are allowed, camp houses, sheds & storage greenhouses.
Maximum of 2 slum shelters per base.
Max of 4 greenhouses or 10 garden plots per base. (Garden plots will de-spawn quickly when players are not around).
Storage barrels are unlimited, but they must be kept closed. Barrels left open WILL be deleted without notice or compensation.
Maximum of 2 trashcans per base.
No raiding, glitching into bases or stealing from other players. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.

Discord Rules

Any violation of discords TOS or community guidelines will result in a permanent ban.
Racist, homophobic, sexual or socially unacceptable speech will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.
No Nicknames or profile images of a racist, sexual, homophobic or socially unacceptable nature are permitted. You will be asked to change them.
Harassment or toxic behaviour will be not tolerated. Keep trolling to a minimum and always be respectful to players.
No political or religious discussions are allowed.
Please do not discuss or advertise any other DayZ servers.
NO 'How to' discussions on game or gear exploits, doing so may result in a ban.
English language only in chat.
Media channels are intended for Bear Mountain media only.
No spam. This includes the use of emoji's, images or memes.

Real Estate Rules

Houses will not be moved. Pick your spot carefully.
Your house is tied to your steam id, if you leave for more than 30 days, your house will be removed regardless of who else is living in it.
Your house is tied to your territory flag, only you can place items. Players you add to your flag will not be able to place items or structures.
Your house can not be sold or gifted to another player, if you no longer want it, make a ticket and it will be removed.

Custom Gear

• If you do not play on the servers for 1 month or longer, your custom loadout will be removed.
• If you do not play on the servers for 2 months or longer, your custom gear will be removed from the game.
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